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Jinyang Liang

Academic Experience
2017-Present     Assistant Professor, Institut national de la recherche
scientifique (INRS)
2017/2-2017/6   Postdoc, Medical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
2012-2016           Postdoc, Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis

2009-2012        Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

2007-2009       M.S.E., Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
2003-2007        B. Eng., Optoelectronic Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

Selected Honors and Awards
2011             Newport Spectra-Physics Research Excellence Award, SPIE

2011-2012  Graduate School Continuing Fellowship, the University of Texas at Austin
2007           Outstanding Bachelor Graduates, City of Beijing
2005            Ma Shixiu Optical Engineering Scholarship

Selected Publications
1. Jinyang Liang*, Liang Gao*, Pengfei Hai, and Lihong V. Wang, “Encrypted Three-dimensional Dynamic Imaging using Snapshot Time-of-flight Compressed Ultrafast Photography”, Scientific Report 5, 15504 (2015).

2. Liang Gao*, Jinyang Liang*, Chiye Li, and Lihong V. Wang, “Single-shot compressed ultrafast photography at one hundred billion frames per second”, Nature, 516 74-77 (2014).
3. Jinyang Liang, Yong Zhou, Amy W. Winkler, Lidai Wang, Konstantin I. Maslov, Chiye Li, and Lihong V. Wang, “Random-access optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy using a digital micromirror device,” Optics Letters 38, 2683-2686 (2013).
4. Jinyang Liang, Rudolph N. Kohn, Jr., Michael F. Becker, and Daniel J. Heinzen, “High precision laser beam shaping using a binary-amplitude spatial light modulator,” Applied Optics 49,1323-1330 (2010).

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