Welcome to Laboratory of Applied Computational Imaging (LACI)!

Our group is dedicated to the development of novel optical imaging techniques and devices for physics and biomedicine.

Our group is always open to students (undergraduate internship and graduate research assistantship) and postdocs (fellowship). Please email your resume to Prof. Jinyang Liang (jinyang.liang@emt.inrs.ca) if you are interested in joining us.



Recent News

2019/09/13 To celebrate the 50th anniversary of INRS, we welcome 179 students from the Carrefour High School to INRS-EMT to tour labs and enjoy BBQ. Xianglei Liu presented the world’s fastest camera.
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2019/09/08 – Yingming Lai joins LACI as a M.Sc. student. Welcome/Bienvenue!

2019/07/18 – Qianwan Yang and Xiaowen Shi join LACI as 2019 Mitacs interns. Welcome/Bienvenue!

2019/07/05 – Patrick Kilcullen receives NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships-Doctoral. Congratulations!

2019/06/03 – Jinyang Liang receives the Young Scientist Award from the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Congratulations!

2019/05/09 – Jinyang Liang receives FRQS Research Scholarship. Congratulations!

2019/05/07 – LACI receives the RTI grant from NSERC.

2019/05/01 – Jinyang Liang is appointed as an Associate Editor of OSA’s Photonics Research.

2019/04/17 – Jiang Cheng received the first place prize in the INRS-EMT Master seminar competition. Congratulations!

2019/04/17 – Haojia Sun joins LACI as an undergraduate intern. Welcome/Bienvenue!

2019/03/07 – Xianglei Liu’s paper on compressed optical-streaking ultra-high-speed photography has been published in Optics Letters. It is featured on OSA’s front page. Congratulations!

COSUP_Front page_OSA

2019/01/24 – Jinyang Liang is a Co-chair of  Subcommittee 11: Optical Imaging, Display and Storage of 2019 Optics Frontier – The International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP) (Xi’an, China on 7~10 August 2019). He is soliciting talks and paper submissions. [Flyer]

2018/12/21 – Happy Holidays!! LACI team enjoyed hot pots at Little Sheep Mongolian.
2018/12/13 – Cheng Jiang receives SPIE Student Travel Grant Award to attend Photonics West 2019. Congratulations!

2018/11/22 – LACI’s first paper by the leading author Xianglei Liu on compressed ultrafast transmission electron imaging has been published in Micron. Big congratulations!!

2018/11/21 – Our work on the trillion-frame-per-second compressed ultrafast photography (T-CUP) has been included in OPN’s Optics in 2018! [Link]

2018/10/20 – Our work on the trillion-frame-per-second compressed ultrafast photography (T-CUP) has received extensive media attention worldwide. Please see selected news reports below:
ScienceDaily          Photonics Media          Newsweek Logo.svg

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2018/09/12 – Jinyang Liang’s review paper in single-shot ultrafast optical imaging is published in Optica.

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