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World’s fastest camera glimpse laser pulses at 10 trillion frames per second (Light: Science & Applications 7, 42)


 TCUP_Beamsplitting  TCUP_T focusing  TCUP_Sfocusing


First-ever video recording of an optical Mach cone using the lossless encoding CUP (Science Advances 3, e1601814)


Single-shot CUP of fluorescence emission and pulse refraction (Nature 561, 74-77)               


Single-shot time-of-flight CUP of 3-Drotating balls (Sci. Rep. 15505, 2015)test


Random-access PAM of blood flow in real time (Opt. Lett. 38, 2683-2686)


Dynamic laser beam shaping of Laguerre-Gaussian modes (Opt. Eng. 51, 108201)
dmd_bsScreen shot 2012-06-30 at 11.52.49 PM

Group Photo – 2018-09-24